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Human Design Readings

Personalised Bodygraph Readings

By Design, I am a Projector. Projectors are designed to focus on the other, therefore they are here to help bring awareness of your true nature and uniqueness.

Prior to your human design reading I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire highlighting the areas/concerns in your life where you feel stuck, lost or simply seeking guidance.

At the end of the reading, you will receive all supportive documentation and a video of the session. This will be delivered to a link on your email that you can download.

All human design readings are interactive and include a video recording and supportive documentation.

Sessions can be done in-rooms or via Zoom link.

Gift Certificates now available

Foundational Human Design Readings

30 mins – $120

Welcome to the Foundational Human Design readings. These foundational readings are for those with no, or limited, knowledge of the Human Design system. Take a look at your unique Bodygraph and understand your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile. This knowledge will enable you to make decisions based on your own unique truth. Human Design knowledge is practical knowledge that you can easily integrate into your life. Discover the positive differences that trusting your Design can make for you.

Living Your Design Readings

45 mins – $170

It’s now time to dive deeper into your Design. Taking you through your chart we will explore more fully your Bodygraph gates, channels, centres and circuits. We will also take a look at your Incarnation Cross (your purpose in this lifetime). Discover those areas where you are conditioned for good and for bad. This helps you to understand yourself better and the potential psychological pitfalls that can trap you in life. You will understand better the conditioning that you have received from your family (the Penta dynamics) and the world around you. Learn about the correct way to relate to others whether it be family, work or personal, and why you may experience each of these differently, ultimately improving the ways that you relate to others and how they receive you.

Integrated Human Design Readings

75-90 mins – $275

A complete and full analysis of your Bodygraph with a focus on some of the issues in your life you wish to learn more about (relationships, family, health, work, etc.). This is an in depth reading and also includes an overview of your Evolutionary Astrology chart and how it ties in with your Human Design Bodygraph. We will explore the 3 major planetary transits that you experience in life and how they may affect you.

Several more tailored and specialised readings available include:

  • Your Primary Health System that shows the specific food intake and environment for your individual Design.
  • Family dynamics that can look at your primary conditioning forces and how you fit into your family structure.
  • Children’s designs to assist parents in understanding their child better for more supportive parenting.