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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


Human Design talks about how we are most heavily conditioned in the first 7 years for good and for bad. It is always a duality. This is a stage before our first quarter Saturn (0-7 years) where we have no authority as a child and are purely a sponge to the rules and values of the family unit. When we move into our second quarter Saturn (7-14 years), we start to find our own way and can challenge that conditioning of the first 7 years. This is normal as the child starts to see how what they were told is in resonance or dissonance with their own nature. When our Saturn Returns, around 28-29 years, there is often a change in environment from the family home and a “stepping up” in responsibility with one moving from childhood to adulthood. It could be “I would not mind moving out of home, getting married, having a family etc.” There is a shift that allows one to be more aligned with their nature where the family unit may or may not have been as supportive of that. Either way the young adult starts to see the parents more as people or friends rather than authority figures. As you step up, they step back as you show more responsibility for yourself and they don’t need to be as responsible for you now.

See conditioning is unavoidable, we actually need it. Why is this always happening to me? How am I contributing to this? Oh, look I am conditioned. Then you see how much of you is actually acquired, something that you learned. When you realise it, you re-examine your own behaviours. This is a process that we all go through in our learning process. To assess how much of what your parent actually said was actually true in your own experience and re-examination. Unlearning can be harder than learning and that is why it says it can take 7 years to decondition to understand your true nature.

As a Projector, I am supposed to take in conditioning from the other in order to identify who they are. The trick is to be able to discern which conditioning is correct for me and which is not.