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So separation will be the topic today and what happens when you defy the Penta dynamic. Some relationships end mutually while others can be very nasty. Either way there is still pain, it is just what intensity. The Penta does not release its grip on you that easily as after all children are the moral glue of responsibility. Larger conditioning organisations, like the legal system, become involved to ensure the support of the children. The courts usually side in favour with the Mother, which may not seem fair to the Father, but the woman will carry more of the emotional burden of rearing the children. Society also looks down upon more the woman that leaves rather than the Father that leaves. So there is not only the family glue that is hard to break but society’s projections on you should you break that bond. Understand that all of what I have said so far is these are the mechanics of the Program, life and it is not personal. This is how life conditions us to ensure the continuity of that child’s development from pure dependence to the point of independence. A theme that is becoming more common today is divorce, but why? This red channel in Human Design is called the “Channel of Marriage” and has been a background conditioning frequency controlling everyone on the planet for over 400 years and will end in 2027. This is a Tribal channel orientated around need and support. It also carries the archetype for the formation of bargains or contracts and these things are naturally starting to break down more. This age has bought many advancements to society like the Technological and industrial Ages but things are coming to an end. You can see the reliability on Government, Educational, Medical and Financial systems etc. are declining so we cannot depend on them to the same degree like we used to. It is forcing us into an era of becoming more independent and self-sufficient. People are awakening to their own truth that may not be in alignment with who they were when they got married. Once you wake up, you cannot go back to sleep. I bought this up to highlight that there is the correlation of an increased rate of divorce so the likelihood of 3-generational families is decreasing. You can then expect there to be naturally pain and suffering that goes along with defying the Penta dynamic and it is not personal. Life is amoral, it is for good and for bad and this is what Human Design constantly highlights. It is a reality check to say life is not going to change for any of us so we need to operate correctly through our own truth. Relationships can still work when both people are honest with each other as true love brings the good and the bad, the love and the hate. Hate is not bad either, it is just a separating emotion that demands one have their space to process things and then they can come back to loving their partner. Remember there are times you will hate the one you love, even your children but that does not mean you divorce or disown them respectively. The most powerful relationships are ones of interdependence. Both people are allowed to be themselves as individuals and the other respects that in not trying to change them into something they are not.