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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


Through my own life experience and understanding the mechanics of Human Design, it has been a powerfully reflective process for me. As a Projector, we are here to master systems and to understand their depth. That system can be anything for any Projector. This is what I was lucky to come across as it has really helped me to understand how I was different, to grow and to have a different perspective on things. It is a very grounding and humbling process understanding myself better and how my life turned out the way it did for me. It was due to the conditioning I have taken in from people along my journey for good and for bad. My design is set to see the not-self conditioning of the world, particularly at the small group level that we have been discussing the last few months. What it simply highlights is that as individuals we are helpless, we have no choice at what life delivers us and we need to love ourselves. Knowing this we then need to enter into relationships correctly to take on the right conditioning. I now have a loving and supportive partner that has taught me a lot about myself and I am in an empowering relationship that has helped both of us to grow. So I was married and now separated after I met Human Design around my Uranus Opposition. I could see what was not correct for me anymore as I began to understand myself better. Life challenges us through conditioning forcing us to resolve past wounds that have not been worked on. A void can be created by pain and again if it never happened, there would be no desire to resolve situations, in order to grow and become aware, if life was always pleasurable. Traumatic situations make you who you are today and crisis can create opportunity. Life is a healing journey for the Personality around the 3 wounds of the spirit occurring through life, love and death. The spirit is metaphysical but part of the physical body. The spirit cannot mature if the body does not grow in the way it is meant to by following its nature.  There is a demand by your body for you to do this so you can experience feelings of satisfaction for example. The spirit grows as you mature in your perspective of your life experiences. One of the positive things with divorce is if you maintain a positive relationship with your children, they get to know you for who you really are which is different to when you were a couple parenting them. They can see 2 different styles of parenting that does not have to be a problem. The styles may be in resonance or dissonance with each other, what to do? I definitely felt the pain of defying the Penta dynamic in the separation but it was ultimately what I needed to do in order to honour my own truth, which the Penta never will.