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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


I know what it feels like to be the “black sheep”. To not be understood or recognized for who I really am. With awareness, you begin to see that it is nobody’s fault, no one is to blame whether it be our siblings or parents. Human Design as a mechanic helps to explain why these types of relationships exist within the family unit. What seemingly is dysfunctional is more common than you think and it is not personal from a group dynamic point of view. It is about the viability and success of the family to survive in this world and grow from one generation to the next. Anyone who has a blank G (diamond) centre means they have none of the 6 Penta channels. They can be completely blank or only carry one gate activation. As there is an inconsistency in their nature to be recognized by other members of the unit or feel natural in a particular role, they can feel different and as mentioned the “black sheep”. These people are here to observe how the family dynamic works from the outside as they are not so much on the inside. Only with awareness does sometimes the trauma of experiences within the family pave the way and understanding of who you are, separate to the family. It can also be the potential wisdom or perspective that could remedy a solution that no one in the family thought of because you are on the periphery.