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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


So, moving back to those people that carry definition in these channels, it can be split into an upper and lower section and here is the lower section of the Penta. Here these people will be recognized for their influence over the group around RULES. The rules around how the flow and rhythm exists in the family home, how the group interacts with the outside world and the financial viability of the group. Parents verify their own understanding of these rules by passing them onto their children. If they have good children, it means the parent understood the rules well and vice versa. See, the awareness needs to be that these forces exist which have nothing to do with your individuality and purpose. This does not mean parents don’t look after their kids, it is saying don’t lose yourself in it where you give everything to your kids and nothing to yourself. It is easy to be seduced by what we get recognition for and what is seemingly the right thing to do. These are the Generator Types being 70% of the population, where they easily identify with the group rather than their purpose which is discovering who they are for themselves.