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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


This is an example of a 5-member group. It could be a family even a workplace team that has slightly different labels for each column. Returning to the family, Penta readings are a good way to understand the conditioning you grew up in and how it can affect you today. As a process of deconditioning, it is important to understand the designs of your parents, siblings or any significant other that you were around particularly in the first 7 years of life. Depending on how many siblings, it can introduce a new theme into the family unit. It could help you understand why one sibling more than another may get more attention and recognition. Why one may feel like the “black sheep”. The Penta is not a personal thing as it discards every member’s individuality, it is a mechanical concept to as best as possible ensure the viability of the family into the future. Having said that every Penta has a level of dysfunctionalism as we are all perfectly imperfect as humans and frequently there are gaps in the flow of energy through this entity. This leads to difficulties and limitations that every family may face as they move in a common direction. This creates different dilemmas for each individual member. Often it is crisis and chaos that drives the individual to understand these chain of events that happened in their childhood as to have a greater understanding of their conditioning and who they are today with their particular habits, patterns, beliefs etc.