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Before the Penta, the group of 3, there is the couple that is in a relationship. The diagram is used only for continuity of imaging and is not the correct representation of a couple. It needs to be said that before a couple can understand their relationship chart, they need to understand their own individual chart first as that determines how they should enter into a relationship correctly in the beginning. The true fulfillment of purpose comes through your relationship with yourself and not from a relationship with the other. If you enter into a relationship correctly, then this can be empowering for both parties, where there is growth and a common respect for each individual. One individual is not trying to change the other but accept them for who they are. Both parties are in their own movie and the other is the best person at this stage of their life to support them in their journey. They however cannot step in their shoes and “walk their path” for them. It is a soul journey where we are born alone and we die alone but we meet different forces along the way for good and for bad. Relationships simply are conditioning. We take on the conditioning of the other for good and for bad. Correct conditioning can be extremely beneficial, very empowering and the opposite can be true when in dysfunctional relationships. Either way, your partner mirrors back to you, triggering you, that which needs to be worked on or is unresolved. As mentioned, a good relationship starts with having that with yourself first before you meet the other. Caring and loving yourself first so the other does not have to do that for you which is like them carrying your baggage. Awareness is key in the relationship, not trying to match people according to what are perceived as perfect complementary variables and characteristics. So you have this great relationship, then things can change when you have that first child. Now you have the Penta, a force that is beyond the power of either individual, the couple is gone and established roles now are taken up by each partner.