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If you enter into a relationship correctly according to your design, family life can be an enjoyable but of course a challenging experience with children. Children often become our greatest teachers. If you entered into the relationship incorrectly, then having a child can be a regrettable and an irreversible consequence. We have heard the saying “oh just have a child and it will make things better.” Well, we all know the truth of that. The point being is that with a dysfunctional couple, that probably should move on from each other, relationships are not about staying together at all costs. It is about being in the correct relationship that allows each party to grow and have the permission to simply be themselves. We know that quite often relationship dynamics are not like this at all. When a child is born and the Penta is formed, they can act as a glue of commitment seen in the Penta chart. It makes the bond more difficult to break as it is often associated with emotional pain, shame and guilt. There is a sense of moral duty to fulfil one’s responsibilities so it is just easier to stay. It is why couples often “stay together for the kids” but then the children do not get to see the best of each parent, particularly if Mum and Dad do not get along. Despite the various reasons of staying together, the couple often separate once the children grow up and move on. The foundational basis of that relationship was the children and not the correctness of each individual parent being in the correct relationship for each other. The children are a distraction to the truth of each of the parents. This is the power of the Penta, the manipulative power of the Program to ensure that dependents are reared to that age of independence where they can continue the evolutionary cycle. It is not a personal thing; it is life for good and for bad. So, it is important as an individual that you understand your design and live your Strategy and Authority. We have no choice with conditioning, we are all conditioned by life and others and we all condition others. The point of living your design is to take on the correct conditioning for our own maturation which involves entering into the correct relationships for us from the beginning. Having a child can be part of that relationship, which you don’t regret, and you continue to make decisions that are correct for you individually while you are a parent. Basically, you are aware of the underlying mechanics of the Penta but you do not lose your individuality in the process. Sometimes the correct decision is to leave and then you can be more confident you did the right thing for all involved rather than constantly second guess your decision or run back because of guilt, shame or moral reasons. Having said that, making the correct decision, based on your own Inner Authority, can sometimes be the hard decision. It can still be painful. Knowing this means that you stop making choices around whether something is pleasurable or painful but trust in life that your difficult decision will lead to your maturation and fulfillment of purpose.