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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


Ever wonder where your primary conditioning comes from? Your beliefs, your understanding, your behaviours, your habits? They are homogenised for good and for bad. Conditioning starts for all of us in the family unit where we are most heavily unconditioned in the first 7 years of life. We are purely a sponge and lack the discernment and authority to resist that conditioning. The first child creates a group of 3 people introducing the small group dynamic in Human Design called the Penta (3-5 people sized groups). This immediately becomes a mechanism that disregards the singular individual and aligns it with the plural, the “We”. Anyone born with anyone of these 6 channels, easily identifies with that function within the family and is recognized by others for that giving a sense of importance. However, this is a trap as your own individuality is not honoured and you are not seen for who you really are. This can lead to an individual still feeling frustration, resentment or anger for example. Only the signature of feeling satisfaction, success or peace is an indicator that you recognize the importance of your own nature over the group dynamic while still being a part of the family unit. The same dynamic also can exist in a workplace group.