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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


The next stage of our journey is starting to focus on why our minds are not, and cannot, be a source of intelligence when it comes to decision making. The yellow is the Head Centre that is a pressure for inspirational thought while the green is the Ajna centre where the conceptualisation of those thoughts occurs. The 2 combined represent our mental system in Human Design. Now these channels are in the realm of our subjectivity skewing those thoughts towards past events, the present and future projections depending on what is defined in you. Carriers of any of these 3 channels are shown to be mental heavyweights. They can easily be bombarded by obsessive thoughts that have the potential to create doubts, questions and confusion without understanding the true role of these themes.  If both are not defined, these people do not get off lightly either. They can develop an attitude around pretending to be certain about things that do not matter. Either way the mental system does not provide a solid foundation for decision making when your mind is running your life. From a physiological perspective, the Head centre is associated with the pineal gland that regulates the subconscious flow of information from the deep grey areas of the brain to the outer neocortex. This is important to understand as when we look at how we are controlled through our minds by external stimuli, it can target the prefrontal cortex involved with emotional intelligence around the regulation of action. Another area can be the hippocampus that is part of our memory system. Part of the deconditioning process is watching how your mind reacts to those stimuli and understanding the origins of that. You cannot eliminate negative thoughts or control them; they exist as a pressure for good and for bad. It is not about perfection but about progress when it comes to deconditioning.