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Human Design Types Sleep Needs


As we move along in this journey, I want you to keep in mind that the reason why I am talking about this is to become aware of what is happening around you. To understand that the environment and what you see are conditioning you. This ultimately influences your decision making. To see the things in society around you are there to tempt you deliberately into not taking care of yourself and fulfilling your potential as a unique individual, despite you knowing better. The questions you need to ask yourself along this journey is why are they there? Why are there so many unhealthy food options and addictive substances? Why do the majority of people do that and very few people are healthy? Why is it so hard to be healthy and lose weight for example? Why do I constantly see what I see on mainstream and social media? What is the purpose of all of this?  You need to understand that your health is a priority to have an optimal functioning body and brain. To know that it very much is healthy body, healthy mind.  Before I go into the specifics of the what and the how, in Human Design the red side is the unconscious the runs the physiology of our bodies 24/7. It is who you are beyond what you think. Don’t let the numbers confuse you, it is irrelevant to what we are discussing. The red is the brain-body axis. It all begins with understanding that in order to have physical health, we must have optimal brain function. Each person has a specific connection to food under the Primary Health System that is the first step in transformation and deconditioning. This ultimately leads to the potential of a surrendered Personality, an awake mind that can see what is really there rather than a mind that tries to project onto what is there. This is a mind that seeks to have control, security and stability of life’s ever-changing circumstances. In other words, if your brain function is not optimised, there is no chance of having the potential of mental awareness that you were designed to have. So before we go any further, it is a matter of recognising why the mind cannot be trusted in making decisions as it is the target of outside influences to steer you in a particular direction when it comes to living your life. So the next question you need to ask yourself is why would that be the case?