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What Clients Say

Met Ben and Camilla at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Melbourne and was absolutely blessed to do so! Our Shamanic healing stall was right across from theirs so it had me intrigued for a while as I kept looking over at it. My Spiritual Mentor had told me previously that knowing your human design can prove to be very useful for spiritual development and personal growth, and that it has even helped him in his plant medicine ceremonies in the Amazon in Peru! I was planning to get my human design done online but conveniently Ben Dalton's stall popped up at just the perfect time. Although my initial thoughts were "I could get this done cheaper online", I realised I spoke too soon and I ate my words after sitting down with Ben. Having someone as intelligent and passionate as Ben read your human design chart and to synthesize and translate that information to you in a way that is extremely easy to follow and understand, goes so much further than whatever you could get online. Having Ben there to make sure you have absorbed the information correctly and to answer any questions you may have is top tier service. Ben also takes it a step further and provides you with advice and tools to help you manage the challenges that your design may face so that you can align yourself properly to make wiser choices for yourself. He also allowed me to record the session so I can review it later if I forgot anything. I now have a much deeper understanding of who I am in this life. I have more clarity on my approach to decision making and how to listen to what my body is trying to tell/teach me. Some of this self knowledge would have taken me years and years of self analysis to come anywhere close to the detail that Ben was able to provide. This can definitely help your spiritual growth exponentially as it has with me in just a few weeks and I see how much potential it holds for me in the future! Thank you Ben and Camilla for being so passionate and caring towards my mother, Loukas, Theon and I. God bless you!
Ethan Wardlaw
Melbourne, Australia
My reading with Ben was fantastic! I felt his genuine passion for helping me understand myself better. His energy, knowledge, and insights gave me so much understanding about my design and empowering. Highly recommend !
Cathryn Chee
Melbourne, Australia
Such a pleasure to see you again today, I was hoping to run into to tell you thankyou for giving me an understanding of how and why the things that I have done have been what they were, I am learning to listen to my gut and what I am feeling when asked to do something, being a 4:1 generator I'm embracing the humour that comes with the way I can either irritate or inspire the people around me, you have definitely changed my way of looking at the way I experience things and definitely saved me from doing some dumb decisions by waiting for the wave to do its things, much love to you and your beautiful wife, can't wait to do a more full in depth consultation with you.
Jodie Smith
Melbourne, Australia
I had a fabulous human design session with Ben. Ben was very welcoming, professional and knowledgable. The information provided was comprehensive and fascinating. I recommend Ben and human design to anyone interested in understanding themselves on a deeper or more intuitive level.
Kath Baeppler
Melbourne, Australia
I had a human design reading with Ben and would highly recommend this to anyone! I went in knowing very little about human design but came back with a wealth of knowledge about myself and divine guidance on how to live to my full potential. It has been extremely helpful in understanding my unique self and how to navigate different aspects of my life. It all resonated so deeply within me as to why I may respond to certain situations in a certain way, or have the same issues come up each time. Ben explained my chart in a way that provided me detailed information about my chart and Ben went the extra mile to break it down and explain the aspects of it with immense clarity Ben's reading has provided me with the tools I need to help me make decisions and communicate with loved ones with more clarity and confidence.
Navin Kumanan
Melbourne, Australia
I had my first Human Design reading with Ben at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. Ben is so friendly and has a really positive, detailed and easy to follow approach to Human Design. He is really passionate about his work and showed me how I can use it as a tool to help me in my life, especially around decision making. It was a fantastic introduction session, I highly recommend getting a reading!
Kate Hammond
Melbourne, Australia
I found my one on one reading with Ben to be very beneficial. It providing very accurate information about things I had already experienced in my life and what I am currently experiencing- things that Ben could not have known. Ben was able to explain why certain things had happened in my life, relating to my life purpose and what I had gained from experiencing these situations. I am more aware about how my personal Human Design profile functions better and what energetic response I can expect to have towards certain people or situations. Because I had told Ben that I was interested in learning more about Human Design, he went that extra mile and sent me additional resources and links- which can be harder to get from other professionals. I would highly recommend booking in for a reading if you want to know yourself better or gain more understanding about events happening in your life and how to better handle them. Thanks Ben, I will also be booking in for another group class in the future.
Tahnee Collins
Melbourne, Australia
Human Design has been a real eye opener for me. After being referred to Ben through a different means we began talking about Human Design. I had heard of it previously through close friends and family however, it wasn't on my radar of what was currently relevant to me. After some time passed by, I ended up meeting Ben and discussing it and it very quickly became of high interest. How I have described my experience when it has come up in conversation is this; "For a bloke I'd only known for 45 minutes, and sent a few basic details he asked for, in the time I was with him going through my Human Design, he basically laid my life out in front of me. Plenty of it was spot on although, and as per my Human Design, some of it I've taken with a grain of salt." Since my session with Ben, I've had a lot of change, good change. And anyone as sceptical as I am, lean into the scepticism and entertain all the things you'll discuss. Human Design has been a life changer for me and am grateful for the time, knowledge, understanding and experience that Ben has opened up for me. Worth every dollar, worth every minute.
Sean McKay
Melbourne, Australia
I met Ben at a Human Design Introduction class. I so enjoyed his presentation that I booked in for another! Ben is committed to providing practical yet heart-based information on Human Design, which allows for a powerful blend of ancient and modern science. It is in this space that Ben offers enormous understanding about ourselves in positive and life-altering ways. He does so with professionalism, warmth, knowledge, and deep respect. Ben is really making a wonderful difference in the world. Meeting Ben and learning from him has been a pleasure and an honour. I will be returning to enjoy more wellness info under Ben's delighful care. Thanks Ben
Alexandra Browne-Hill
Melbourne, Australia
Just want to say a massive thank you to Ben in the session I had with him on human design. It really narrows down on who I am as a person and genetically wired. I will be definitely coming back to see Ben to create this new journey and discovery with in myself to succeed in my life journey
Lee Reid
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks Ben, big thank you to Camilla and Sue also. I had an absolutely fantastic night last Wednesday night, As Ben displayed his knowledge and passion in Human Design, this gave me greater insight of myself, and others in the group of their own birth chart readings. Anybody wishing to bring out the best in themselves, I highly recommend Ben’s courses and I’m looking forward in the near future to do more of what Ben has to offer, so I can develop more of my future self. Keep up the awesome work Ben. Your a true gentleman. Catch you real soon buddy.
Steve Bourke
Melbourne, Australia
Ben provides an amazing insightful experience identifying your personal human design. I learnt a lot about how my body and mind work and what I need to do to my my true self. I recommend everyone see Ben. Thanks
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks so much Ben for the Human design session. What a fascinating, informative and healing experience. After I left I had a deep feeling of peace and understanding. I have been using the tools you gave me and they've helped so much in giving me clarity and feeling at home in myself. I've watched the recording a couple of times and keep getting more insights from it. I'd love to book in another session and explore other aspects of my design. Cheers and thanks, Gina Battista
Gina Battista
Melbourne, Australia
Having had a human design chart done by Ben and the reading received, everything made sense. It's all in my design. Thank you Ben for the clarity and giving me the knowledge to move forward in life with more understanding and harmony. Blessings. Sue
Sue Williams
Melbourne, Australia
The Human Design session with Ben Dalton was a turning point on my journey to personal growth. For many years I have been struggling with the way I was, being unhappy with myself. I was convinced that I had to change myself completely to fit the society, to finally get accepted by myself and others. The Human Design session with Ben opened my eyes to who I really am. Ben enabled me an insight into my true nature, showing me all the aspects of my individual inner design and helped to understand the "unique me". I was given a chance to face the truth about who I am and acknowledge how my uniqueness expresses itself in my life. I now accept myself fully and feel freed from any unreal expectations. I strongly recommend a Human Design session with Ben to anybody who is looking for an improvement in their relations with themselves and the world or who needs to deal with any other issue that is a concern. Human Design is a real chance for a sustainable change of perspective on whatever needs to be solved.

Ben is a brilliant Human Design consultant – a great person and a competent Human Design analyst who combines well-founded knowledge, personal qualities, intuition and passion for what he does.

Agnieszka Maleczek
Berlin, Germany
Ben Dalton is pretty amazing. When I first interviewed Ben for a Supernal Magazine Radio show, his knowledge of Human Design was amazing. After that interview I decided to book a session thinking I might get a few insights. Well I'll admit, I wasn't quite prepared for the depth of detail we got into. This depth has in many ways helped me to understand myself better than ever before. In just one session has Ben has impressed me with his ability to impart his knowledge in a direct way that made total sense. Starting this journey armed with this knowledge from Ben has made moving into 2021 very exciting. Thanks Ben for your kindness and experience. I'm looking forward to what the future holds in the present moment!
Anthony Kilner
Melbourne, Australia
Ben is one of the most knowledgable Human Design Teachers that I have come across. I've received several readings from him that have helped me gain a deeper understanding of this amazing system. I continue to go to him for any clarification I need. He is patient and kind. I send my own clients to him for deeper readings. Ben is a wealth of information and guidance. I highly recommend him.
Melissa Rebronja Henshall
California, USA
I had a in incredible session with Ben. Gain a great understanding of myself and my surroundings.l have been given tools to manage difficult situations that have occurred for me and how to better manage challenges as the arise. Feeling well equipped and positive.
Sue Donald
Melbourne, Australia
After meeting with Ben, the insight that I received has actually given me permission to be myself. A real eye opener. Also being much more present, has truly changed my perspective on life. Highly recommend for you and your entire family.
Kara Coster
Melbourne, Australia
I first met Ben for an EA reading during a time of a lot of change in my life..I found it really enlightening to discover what my souls purpose is in this lifetime and how my natal chart reflected a fairly accurate account of what I am here to learn and heal, however Ben's HD session went to another level and provided me with a key to understanding "why" I am me.. and taught me how to reach my fullest potential within my own unique mind, body and soul in a way that is most natural to me..Ben's passion in this field is obvious and this is his gift as a healing therspist, I truly recommend that anyone feeling a need to understand and reconnect with their true self, try Human Design with Ben..he has a vast knowledge on this subject and delivers it in a caring and empathetic manner..6/2 Gen and proud..??
Cammi Simone
Melbourne, Australia

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