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What is Human Design based on?

Human Design was discovered in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu and is known as the “Science of Differentiation”. It is a blend of modern sciences involving Genetics and Quantum Mechanics along with the ancient wisdoms of Astrology, the Chakra system, I’Ching of Eastern Medicine and the Kabbalah of Hebrew traditions.

Human Design – The Knowledge

“The Knowledge” as it has been described, is well beyond the scope of what the human mind could imagine, let alone invent. Human Design is a modality that provides an educational framework that can help you understand yourself better.

What is Human Design if it’s not a belief system or philosophy

Human Design is a mechanic, it is not a belief system, a philosophy or a spirituality. As it is a mechanic, it means that you have “no choice” about your true nature and it applies to every human regardless of race, religion or creed.

Human Design relies on you understanding who you are and then experiencing life with that new understanding. Seeing the differences before and after you met Human Design becomes your evidence of the impact it can have on your life. This becomes your truth and not a truth that is simply inherited from another person.

Human Design helps you make decisions that are right for you

Through understanding the conditioning elements that you meet in the world, you are able to make decisions that are correct for you. This keeps you aligned to your true nature rather than operate with a distorted nature. Distortion is just your homogenised identity that fits in perfectly into the outside world with no regard for your own individual truth.

Human Design teaches the uniqueness of “who you are” rather than “who you think you are”.

Thinking is the realm of the mind and where the majority of humanity is trapped. We don’t understand the role our minds truly play and this again leads to the distortion of your true nature.

What is the goal of Human Design

The goal of Human Design is to bring awareness of your own uniqueness and then to communicate that uniqueness. This brings you back to the point of “feeling comfortable in your own skin”. This is ultimately what we all want.

An analyst will require your accurate time, date and place of birth in order to generate your unique Human Design Bodygraph.

What is human design

An example of a Bodygraph for a 3/5 Generator

The analyst will use the mechanics of the Bodygraph to help you to understand your true nature and the potential distortion of that nature. This information helps guide you back to the truth of who you are.




The Bodygraph is a 9-centered genetic matrix that we all have as humans. There are 2 identical structures that we call the body and personality. We can simply call these the red and the black. When you are born, the 2 sides are bought together to form the Bodygraph shown below.

What makes you different from others is your imprinting. This is a pre-disposition of how you see the world and take it in, in your own unique way.

The red represents your unconscious, what you do not have conscious access to. This is the intelligence of your Body, your vehicle in this life and here lies the ability to make personalised decisions based on the truth of who you are.

The black represents the role you play in this life that you are consciously aware of. This is where you have the opportunity for unique expression of your nature with potential awareness. This is the realm of who you think you are.

The inherent dilemma in Human Design is that the red and the black do not talk to each other so we resonate with the who you think you are on a conscious level rather than trust who you are at the subconscious level.



The merging of the red and black create “definition” which forms your inner world, being your nature. This is composed the coloured shapes (centres) and lines (channels) in your Bodygraph.

Centres represent human biological functions and the defined channels run between the centres. The channels carry a consistent and reliable life-force for you.

As you will learn within Human Design, consistency does not always mean correctness and these functions can be distorted when you become mentally driven and not trust your body’s intelligence.



You will be one of the 4 Types with the Generator Type being the most common. Type determines your Strategy and Authority. This then allows you to make the correct decisions for you in your life when interacting with the world around you.




The openness (white centres) in your Bodygraph is where you meet others and the outside world. This is where you go to school in life, this is where you can learn. You have the opportunity to develop wisdom around themes that are not consistent in you. This is also where you can be externally conditioned by others for good or for bad.

All of us have been conditioned against our nature, particularly in the 1st 7 years of life, so Human Design insists that we have to go through a deconditioning process of 7 years in order to have the chance to return to our true nature. To be clear, openness is not a problem or a disadvantage. It can provide the potential for wisdom when viewed from the correct perspective.



From your Bodygraph, you also have an Incarnation Cross. We all occupy a position in this wheel based upon the time we were born. This is representative of how you fit into the greater macrocosm of life. Operating correctly, you can have an understanding of your purpose that reflects your contribution to the whole in the evolution of humanity.

On an individual level, your Cross provides you with a specific trajectory that you will travel along in this life meeting the forces you are meant to in order to personally develop and increase your awareness.

Your Cross is always there regardless of whether you operate correctly or not. If you operate incorrectly, it becomes a burden, a Cross to bear. On the contrary, after you have deconditioned and returned to your true nature, the Cross literally takes over your life. Fulfilling your purpose is a lifetime journey consisting of evolving self-discovery. The Cross embodies the full expression for your potential to become aware, to live in an awakened state.

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